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Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Real UFO found in NY

The video below is the most amazing video ever taken of a UFO!

It contains a UFO sighting at the World Trade Center July 24th 2000. One year one month and 18 days before 911 occurred.

The UFO eerily hangs near the World Trade Center at the impact spot where the second jet was caught on film hitting the towers!

The video was Analysed frame by frame by Experts and didn't find any proof of Video Manipulation. If you did'nt see this yet, it is worth watching!!

Here are some shot of the video:

The UFO Hovering on the right spot where the second airplane crashed on the World Trade Center.

A Close-Up of the UFO Flying past the Helicopter at High Speed ( I MEAN HIGH SPEED >> )

Movie Download:
Requires Quicktime/Quicktime Alternative

Website Link:

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it looks a little fake

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