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Sunday, November 20, 2005

David Blaine's magic tricks revealed! (PDF)

Everything you ever wanted to know about David Blaine's tricks.

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My name is Tom.I have a question. Is your show staged? Do you already have the spectators picked out for you? I love your magic ,but some I don't get.
I could do the levitation ,and the arm twisting thing. I don't know how to palm a card either....Can you please let me know those two things? I am 12 years old , and I watch your show whenever I see it. Do you know when the next one is going to play? I have one more question be for I go.... Do you think you can come to connecticut and do some magic? Thats where I live..I always dream of seeing you in person.



ps... Please answer me back at randyquenchjr@aim.com ... thank you.

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